Sunday, November 27, 2011

Canta rana Cebicheria (Singing frog) in Barranco

A relaxed and informal place that looks almost like the interior of a garage and is immensely popular with locals, "the Singing Frog" is the very definition of a neighborhood cevicherĂ­a. You might not guess it from the outside, but it's one of the best spots in town for ceviche and fresh seafood in a classic coastal manner. The menu lists 15 types of sea bass, including one stuffed with langoustines, as well as infinite varieties of ceviche. The traditional ceviche (big enough for two) is served on a flat plate with heaps of purple onions, some choclo (maize), and a wedge of camote (sweet potato). The best way to wash it down is with a chilled pitcher of chicha morada. The shacklike interior is decorated with simple wood tables, and the walls are festooned with fĂștbol (soccer) paraphernalia. For a high dose of local color and excellent seafood, Canta Rana's a perfect lunch spot.

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